Cheese Croquettes

slightly spiced with aioli sauce    GHC100


Chicken Wings

with sweet chili,

buffalo or barbeque sauce    GHC130


Pork Belly Chops

with sweet chili,

buffalo or barbeque sauce   GHC130


Crunchy Calamari

with tartare sauce and micro greens    GHC130


Crunchy Chicken Fingers

with herbs in mayonnaise sauce    GHC130


Fish Cakes

fish, chili flakes, onions, parsley,

fresh thyme and garlic    GHC130


Chicken Lollipops

marinated chicken wings with

honey mustard vinaigrette    GHC140


Prawn and Mayonnaise Spring Rolls

prawns, mayonnaise and chilli    GHC150


Prawn Tempura

battered and fried seasoned prawns

served with sauce    GHC170


Curried Prawns

on a bed of mixed vegetables    GHC190


Baked Lobster Tail

with broccoli and asparagus    GHC190

Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

chicken, sweet corn,

spring onions, egg and croutons    GHC80


Carrot and Potato Soup

carrots, potatoes, onions, cream   GHC80


Cabbage Beef Soup

beef, kidney beans, cabbage, chili flakes,

fresh tomatoes     GHC100


Lightly Smoked Goat Soup

tender goat meat cooked to perfection

seasoned with red pepper and spices    GHC100


Lobster and Shrimp Bisque

lobster and shrimp shells,

mire-poux and herbs    GHC150

Garden Salad

with crunchy lettuce, seasonal greens,

avocado and mustard dressing    GHC100


Traditional Greek Salad

with tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers,

feta cheese, black olives    GHC100


German Potato Salad

with potatoes, eggs, mayonnaise,

capers, celery    GHC130


Beef Stir Fried Salad

with hoisine sauce, zucchini, beef strips,

onions, carrots, bell peppers, chives   GHC150


Classic Caesar Salad      

with grilled chicken, croutons,

anchovies and dressing    GHC150


Poached Shrimps Salad

with shrimps, red chili, carrots, green bell peppers,  

potatoes, mayonnaise   GHC190



Chicken Skewers

two skewers of marinated grilled 

chicken cubes     GHC100


Beef Skewers

two skewers of grilled beef cubes    GHC120


Lamb Skewers

two skewers of grilled lamb cubes    GHC130

BlackRockGrill Stone Cooking

cook your Steak Live at the table    GHC100


Buffalo Chicken Wings Special

with sides of your choice    GHC230


Garlic Butter Pork Bites

with sides of your choice   GHC230


Chicken Peri Peri 

chicken thigh, garlic, red chili

and peri peri sauce    GHC250


Glazed Pork Belly

with apple chutney

and mashed potatoes    GHC260


Creamy Mushroom Chicken

with mashed potato    GHC270


Chicken Escalope

fried breaded chicken served with chilli sauce

and a side of your choice    GHC270


Chicken Supreme

chicken breast, paprika, black pepper,

buffalo sauce and veggies    GHC270


Beef Stroganoff

demi glaze, garlic, wine,

sour cream, parsley   GHC290


Pork Ribs

with sides of your choice    GHC320


Seafood Arabiata

calamari, tuna, shrimp,

spicy tomato sauce   GHC320




Grouper (Fillet)

served with your choice of sides

and lemon butter sauce    GHC330


Indulge Seafood Fried Rice

infused with calamari,

shrimps and prawns    GHC360


Creamy Seafood Pasta

with seasonal greens

and tiger prawns   GHC360


Red Snapper (Fillet)

served with your choice of sides

and lemon butter sauce    GHC360


Pan Fried Norwegian Salmon

with seasonal greens

and lemon butter sauce    GHC410


Whole Grilled Tilapia

red/green chilli, olive oil,

ghanaian spicy marinate    GHC460


Beef Tenderloin (Fillet)

with brunch green beans, teriyaki sauce and

your choice of sides   GHC480


Jumbo Prawns

3 Flamed grilled jumbo

prawns with your choice of sides    GHC480


Lamb Chops

with broccoli, served with mushroom

or pepper sauce    GHC480


Grilled Ribeye Steak

with green beans and mushroom sauce   GHC480 


T-bone Steak

grilled with your choice of sides and

mushroom sauce    GHC480


Braised Lamb Shank

with mashed potato and broccoli    GHC600


Lobster Thermidor

mustard, butter, wine, bechamel sauce,

fresh thyme    GHC750



Vegetable Pizza

topped with seasonal vegetables    GHC140


Margherita Pizza

topped with homemade tomato sauce

and mozzarella cheese    GHC140


Meat Pizza

topped with olives and avocado    GHC180


Chicken & Mushrooms Pizza

topped with chicken, mushroom

and Onions    GHC180


Vegetable Curry

chickpea in creamy vegetable curry sauce

with basmati rice    GHC210



Chicken Curry

chicken fillets and vegetables in creamy

sauce with basmati rice    GHC270



Seafood Curry

seafood, vegetables, with basmati  

rice and fresh basil  GHC310

Creamy Spinach Penne Pasta

penne with creamy spinach and

sundried tomatoes, topped with 

parmesan shavings    GHC210



Spaghetti with Meatballs

spicy meatballs in marinara sauce,

topped with parmesan shavings  GHC210


Spaghetti Bolognese

combination of lean beef mince and  

homemade marinara sauce 

topped with parmesan shavings    GHC210


Creamy Seafood Pasta

with seasonal greens    GHC360

Meat Platter for Two

pork ribs, chicken wings, lamb chops, beef fillet,

rice bowl, french fries with mushroom sauce,

tomato ketchup and mustard sauce    GHC700


Meat Platter for Four

pork ribs, chicken wings, lamb chops, beef fillet,

rice bowl, french fries with mushroom sauce,

tomato ketchup and mustard sauce    GHC1100



Seafood Platter for Two

lobsters, fish fillet, prawns, calamari,

rice bowl, french fries with tartar sauce,

lemon butter sauce and lemon wedges    GHC950  


Seafood Platter for Four                                 

lobsters, fish fillet, prawns, calamari,

rice bowl, french fries with tartar sauce,

lemon butter sauce and lemon wedges  GHC1400

Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Steamed Rice, French Fries, 

Yam Fries, Kelewele, Mashed Potato,

Sautee or Steamed Vegetables    GHC100

Vegetable Curry

chickpea in creamy vegetable  

curry sauce with basmati rice    GHC210


Vegetable Spaghetti

with mixed vegetables, topped with fresh

basil and dana padano shavings   GHC210


Creamy Spinach Penne Pasta

penne with creamy spinach and sundried tomatoes,

topped with parmesan shavings       GHC210


Mushroom Risotto                         

with creamed asparagus,

drizzled with truffle oil    GHC210

Ice Cream

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry    GHC80



with a scoop of ice cream of your choice    GHC120


Classic Strawberry Cheese 
Panacotta    GHC120



ask a waiter for the available flavor    GHC130


Swiss Rolls

ask a waiter for availability    GHC130


Clash of Zombie    90Ghc

Captain Morgan Black, fresh orange juice

topped up with fresh pineapple juice,

a touch of simple syrup and grenadine.


The Indulge Mojito    90Ghc

Fresh mint with lime wedges topped up with

 purée, apple and cranberry juice.


The Wild    90Ghc 

Scotch whiskey along with sweet vermouth,

gently shaken with our homemade ginger syrup

and fresh lemon juice.


Pie Martini    90Ghc

Vodka, apple purée, triple sec, lemon juice,

simple syrup and apple juice.


The Crush   90Ghc

Gin shaken with cranberry juice, fresh lime

topped up with soda.


Blossom Cherry    90Ghc

Tequila, fresh lemon juice, strawberry purée

and simple syrup

with cucumber tonic water.


Heaven on Earth    90Ghc 

Malibu, baileys topped up with whipping cream.


Tropicana    90Ghc 

Captain Morgan Black, passion fruit purée,

mango mix fruit juice, simple syrup

and grenadine.


Lets Get Together   90Ghc

Vodka along with coconut rum, peach schnapps,

gently shaken with mixed fruit juice.


Pina Colada    90Ghc

Rum, coconut purée, cream and freshly squeezed

pineapple juice.

Corona Magarita    120Ghc

Corona beer, Triple sec, lemon juice and tequila


Long Island    100Ghc

Vodka, Gin, rum, vodka, triple sec, lemon juice

and coke


Mojito    100Ghc

Fresh lime, simple syrup, white rum

with mint leave


Porn Star Martini    100Ghc

Vodka, vanilla, passoa, lemon juice

topped up sparkling wine.


Sex on the Beach    100Ghc

Vodka, apricot, brandy, lime, grenadine,

pineapple and orange.


Strawberry Daiquiri    100Ghc

Tequila, rum, sweet and sour

with strawberry puree.


Margarita    100Ghc

Triple sec, lemon juice and tequila.


Whiskey Sour    100Ghc

Whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup

and dashes of angostura bitters.


Tequila Sunrise    100Ghc

Tequila, orange and grenadine.


Expresso Martini   100Ghc

Vodka, khalua, expresso shot.

Blue Lake    80Ghc 

Blue curaçao with freshly squeezed

lemon juice topped up with sprite


Indulge Blue    80Ghc

Fresh pineapple juice, coconut syrup,

freshly squeezed lemon juice with blue curaçao


Virgin Colada    80Ghc

Coconut purée, cream

and freshly squeezed pineapple juice


Virgin crime of The Passion    80Ghc

Fresh pineapple, fresh orange juice, lemon juice,

Passion  fruit purée and coconut syrup.


Shirley Temple    80Ghc

Freshly squeezed lemon juice with grenadine,

topped up with ginger beer and sprite.


Raspberry Cruise    80Gh

Freshly squeezed pineapple juice,

fresh orange juice coconut syrup, coconut milk,

grenadine with a touch of raspberry purée.


Sweet Sunrise    80Ghc

Freshly squeezed orange juice and

pineapple with grenadine mix.


Virgin Mojito    80Ghc

Fresh lime with mint topped up with soda.


Virgin Daiquiri    80Ghc

Sweet and sour with a choice of flavor.


Tropical    80Ghc

Passion fruit purée, mango purée, simple syrup,

lemon juice, mixed fruit juice and grenadine.

French 04    120Ghc

Gin, sweet and sour mix topped up

with champagne.


Mimosa    120Ghc

Orange juice topped up with champagne.


Indulge 360    120Ghc

Cognac, sweet and sour mix topped up

with champagne.


Kir Royale    120Ghc

Creme de cassis topped up with champagne.


Flirtini    120Ghc

Vodka, coconut, fresh pineapple juice topped up

with champagne


Serwaa-Meloni    120Ghc

Freshly squeezed pineapple juice with green

melon liqueur topped up with champagne.

Chivas Regal 12YO

25ml 50Ghc/Btl 1050Ghc


Chivas Regal 15YO

25ml 65Ghc/Btl 1650Ghc


Johnny Walker Black Label

25ml 50Ghc/Btl 1050Ghc


Johnny Walker Gold Reserve

25ml 80Ghc/Btl  1250Ghc


Johnny Walker Double Black

25ml 90Ghc/Btl  1900Ghc


Johnny Walker 18YO

Btl 2300Ghc


Johnny Walker Blue Label

Btl 5000Ghc


Glenmorangie The Original

25ml 100Ghc/Btl 2000Ghc


Glenmorangie 18YO

Btl 3000Ghc


Glenmorangie Signet

Btl 5100Ghc


Glenfiddich 12YO

25ml 110Ghc/Btl  1600Ghc


Glenfiddich 15YO

25ml 140Ghc/Btl  2900Ghc


Glenfiddich 18YO

Btl 3150Ghc


Jameson Original

25ml 50Ghc/Btl 850Ghc


Jameson Black Barrel

25ml 60Ghc/Btl 950Ghc



25ml 45Ghc/Btl 650Ghc


Jack Daniels

25ml 60Ghc/Btl 1550Ghc


The Glenlivet – Founders Reserve

25ml 90Ghc/Btl 1600Ghc


Singleton 12YO

25ml 80Ghc/Btl 1250Ghc


Wild Turkey

25ml 45Ghc/Btl 700Ghc

Olmeca Dark Chocolate (Coffee Liquor)

25ml 50Ghc/Btl 850Ghc


Patron XO Café

25ml 140Ghc/Btl 2400Ghc



25ml 40Ghc/Btl 650Ghc


Martini Bianco / Rosso / Extra Dry

25ml 35Ghc/Btl 450Ghc


Kahlua Coffee Liquor

25ml 40Ghc/Btl 550Ghc



25ml 40Ghc/Btl 650Ghc



25ml 45Ghc/Btl 650Ghc



25ml 60Ghc/Btl 1300Gh

Havana Club 3YO

25ml 40Ghc/Btl 600Ghc


Havana Club 7YO

25ml 50Ghc/Btl 750Ghc


Captain Morgan Spiced/Rum

25ml 35Ghc/Btl 550Ghc


Bacardi Carta Blanca/ORO/NEGRA

25ml 45Ghc/Btl 800Ghc



25ml 35Ghc/Btl 450Ghc


25ml 30Ghc/Btl 500Ghc


Tanqueray No10

25ml 40Ghc/Btl 800Ghc



25ml 30Ghc/Btl 550Ghc


Beefeater Pink Strawberry

25ml 35Ghc/Btl 600Ghc



25ml 80Ghc/Btl 1700Ghc


Bombay Sapphire

25ml 50Ghc/Btl 1050Ghc

Don Julio Blanco

25ml 150Ghc/Btl 3000Ghc


Olmeca Blanco/Gold

25ml 50Ghc/Btl 850Ghc


Patron Silver

25ml 120Ghc/Btl 2400Ghc


Patron Reposado / Anejo

25ml 140Ghc/Btl 2500Ghc


25ml 40Ghc/Btl 550Ghc



25ml 75Ghc/Btl 1350Ghc



25ml 75Ghc/Btl 1350Ghc


Ciroc Pineapple

25ml 75Ghc/Btl 1450Ghc


Grey Goose

25ml 85Ghc/Btl 1900Ghc

Martell VS

25ml 90Ghc/Btl 2200Ghc


Martell Blue Swift

25ml 120Ghc/Btl 3000Ghc


Martell VSOP

25ml 140Ghc/Btl 3200Ghc


Martell XO

Btl 8000Ghc


Hennessy VS

25ml 100Ghc/Btl 2400Ghc


Hennesy VSOP

25ml 150Ghc/Btl 3400Ghc


Hennesy XO                 

Btl 8500Ghc

Gecko Ridge

Special Reserve Chardonnay

(South Africa)

400Ghc Btl / 130Ghc Gls.


Maison Castle Muscat

Sweet White (France)

400Ghc Btl / 130Ghc Gls.


Villa Maria Riesling

(New Zealand)

500Ghc Btl / 150Ghc Gls.



Sweet White Wine


Btl 450Ghc.


Jacobs Creek Classic Chardonnay


Btl 450Ghc.


La Gioiosa Pinot Grigio


Btl 450Ghc.


Eagle Hawk

Sauvignon Blanc

Btl 500Ghc.


Baron De Lestac

Bordeaux Moelleux


Btl 500Ghc.


Belleruche Cotes Du Rhone


Btl 500Ghc.


Villa Maria

Sauvignon Blanc

(New Zealand)

Btl 650Ghc.


Cloudy Bay Chardonnay

(New Zealand)

Btl 1300Ghc.


Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

(New Zealand)

Btl 1300Ghc.

Lindeman’s Rose


400Ghc Btl / 130Ghc Gls.


Gerard Bertrand Gris Blanc Rose


Btl 500Ghc


Roches-Linieres Rose D’Anjou


Btl 500Ghc.

Gecko Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon

(South Africa)

400Ghc Btl / 130Ghc Gls.


Lindeman’s Sweet Red Wine


400Ghc Btl / 130Ghc Gls.


Mosketto Sweet Red Wine


Btl 450Ghc.


Jacobs Creek Classic Merlot


Btl 450Ghc.


Maison Castle

Cabernet Sauvignon

Grande Reserve

Btl 500Ghc.


Santa Cristina Toscana


Btl 500Ghc.


19 Crimes Snoop Cali


Btl 550Ghc.


La Llaveria Pinot Reserva


Btl 550Ghc.


Matua Pinot Noir

(New Zealand)

Btl 650Ghc.


Terrazas Selection Malbec


Btl 700Ghc.

Veuve du Vernay Brut

450Ghc Btl/140Ghc Gls

Veuve du Vernay Rose

Btl 500Ghc

Giacobazzi Moscato   

Btl 500Ghc

La Gioiosa Prosecco   

Btl 600Ghc

GH Mumm Brut    

Btl 1800Ghc

GH Mumm Demi-Sec    

Btl 2000Ghc

GH Mumm Olympe

Btl 2000Ghc

Moet Brut Imperial

Btl 2600Ghc

Moet Nectar Imperial

Btl 3000Ghc

Moet  Nectar Imperial Rose

Btl 3450Ghc

Veuve Clicquot Brut

Btl 3450Ghc

Veuve Clicquot Rich Rose

Btl 3850Ghc

Dom Perignon Brut

Btl 7800Ghc(On request)

Dom Perignon Rose

Btl  11500Ghc (On request)

Club  330ml                       45Ghc

Club Shandy  330ml         40Ghc

Stella Artois  330ml         50Ghc

Corona  330ml                  50Ghc

Heineken  330ml              50Ghc

Guinness Stout  330ml    50Ghc

Espresso                40Ghc

Double Espresso  50Ghc

Americano             50Ghc

Hot Chocolate       50Ghc

Mint Ginger Tea    40Ghc

Assorted Tea         35Ghc

Cappuccino           50Ghc

Cafe Latte              50Ghc

Mocha                    50Ghc

Soft Drinks

Soda, Tonic, Bitter Lemon, Fanta,

Sprite, Ginger Ale, Coke     40Ghc 

Energy Drinks      

Redbull      60Ghc


Orange, Pineapple, Apple,

Cranberry, Mixed Fruit       40Ghc

Bel Aqua Still 330ml    35Ghc

Bel Aqua Still 750ml    50Ghc

San Pelegrino 750ml   60Ghc 

When making your order, the waiter will repeat your order back to you. Kindly confirm your order as it is being read. Orders sent to the kitchen or bar can not be changed. All sales are final upon ordering.

Kindly let us know of any allergies that you might have

A 10% Service Charge would be added to your total bill

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